1 Yr Wedding Anniversary

One year ago, I was in India awaiting marring my best friend! This was an unforgettable experience, not only for us but for those who came from the US for our wedding! See my husbands family is from India and we both agreed that we wanted to get married in India! Our wedding was amazing, with horse and carriage, fireworks, rose pedals gun, an amazing venue, and much more! But that’s not what matters in the end, what truly matters is commuting to one another! And truly, my husband is my best friend, now that doesn’t mean he doesn’t make me mad at times or that I don’t make him mad at times, but it means that we support each other no matter what! Neither one of us is perfect, but our love for each other understands that, and we accept each other fully, including our flaws! And honesty I could not see myself married to anyone else! I will end by saying that marriage takes work and patience, but it’s an amazing to share life with another person! Here’s to love and to many more years!



Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, which can be a great day to those of us who have someone to love or depressing for those who do not! But I think that the point of Valentine’s Day is not want a boyfriend/girlfriend or wife/husband or anyone for that matter it’s share the day, but to share love with those around us, whether it’s our parents, friends, partners, pets, etc! I got to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my loved ones…my husband and puppy, and I felt very lucky! There were no gifts exchanged, but love instead! Those of you who have a pet know the unconditional love they have towards us, that love is irreplaceable! And I feel very lucky to experience that love every day! Also, we all know marriage life can be complicated and exhausting at times, so it’s nice to have a day where we appreciate each other, regardless of our mistakes or wrongdoings! I feel that’s the whole point of Valentine’s Day…to have a day to celebrate the love we have for others and the love others have for us! At the end of the day, I thought how did I get so lucky?! Despite all the things that go wrong in our lives, our true love ones are those who are there for us no matter what, not just on that one day! So I am lucky to have my husband by my side, my precious Sparty (puppy), my parents, my husband’s parents, my friends, my coworkers, and all of those who have been there for me over the years! And in that way, I am very lucky!

My husband and I
My husband and I

My valentine…Sparty

Back when…

I just read something on instagram that brought me way back! Back when getting up early on Saturdays meant watching cartoons! Back when the only pain we felt was when we fell and scraped our knee but got up anyways and dared to do it again! Back when we didn’t worry about much. Back when sleep overs involved your friends staying up telling stories! When when our bikes were our only mode of transportation! Back when we didn’t worry what foods were good or bad. Back when a workout involved riding our roller blades down the block the whole day! Back when punishment meant no tv or going outside! Back when the two ways of talking to someone involved face to face or phone call! Back when the phone calls lasted several hours! Back when love was innocent! Back when kissing involved awkwardness and blushing! Back when our dreams seemed reachable. Back when all we wanted to be was someone important such as doctors, firefighters, astronauts, teachers, etc! Back when kids didn’t dare to talk back! Back when life was much simpler!

Life after a miscarriage …

I just want to start by saying that having a miscarriage is the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through! At first, I thought I was prepared but I wasn’t! Even now, I’m still in somewhat of a shock! The thing with a miscarriage is that there’s no real closure, I mean you may see something come out or may not, but that doesn’t matter! Once you have been through it, you have so many questions that can’t be answered, just like in any loss..I suppose! But it does gets easier little by little, day by day! Of course it will take some time, longer than one wants, but it gets easier! At first, I didn’t want to see any pregnant lady, which was hard because I work with two ladies who are currently pregnant, but now I’m ok with it! I was never mad at other pregnant ladies, I just mad that I wasn’t pregnant and they were, I guess I was more jealous than mad! What helped me was my support system! My husband was caring and supportive through it all, although he will never truly understand the whole process! Our parents were also very supportive, and still are! Now comes the uncertainty, will I get pregnant again, will I have another miscarriage, will I ever be able to have a child? Which makes the process even harder! After going through it, I told my husband that if I have a miscarriage next time, I’m not sure I will try again! It was a very traumatic experience that I do not want to relive ever again! We have talked about adoption as an option, but we both want to have our own children. But we will see what happens in the future…

The 365 inspiration challenge, day 1!

Today I am thankful for my parents because they are amazing role models! They have sacrificed so much for our family. They moved to new country so that our family would have a better life. They have worked hard to achieve a better life and have always focus on hard work to succeed. Even though we have not always seen eye to eye, they have been supporting always. I owe them everything!

First day

I just decided to start a blog!

Today has been an emotional day at work. Recently, I was hired at a new lead position at work. Because the project last shorter than expected, we are moving back to our old positions, and some people are even being laid off. So today we found out where we are going to be moving to and who’s going to be our immediate boss. At least we have our own cubes. I do not want to go back, but I got to be thankful that I have a job to go back to. We shall see what tomorrow will bring!